Hazem El Amin – Daraj Media (2018)

Lebanese journalist and writer Hazem al-Amine, co-founder of online media Daraj, said he was arrested on Tuesday by a unit of the internal security forces in Beirut, after refusing to answer a question from an investigator. on the shareholding of the media in question, against a background of a complaint filed and withdrawn against the site.
“an officer from the investigative office of the Verdun barracks of the Internal Security Forces came to our offices in the Antwork workspace in Kantari and asked who was Daraj’s owner, I refused to answer him, but I told him that the information was available in the commercial register and that I will not answer in the absence of a lawyer, he showed me a memorandum the bureau against cybercrime and then left, “says Hazem el-Amine, in a telephone interview with L’Orient-Le Jour.

“An hour later, a dozen heavily armed policemen landed, as if they were coming to arrest a terrorist” Seven ISF agents, armed to the teeth, took fighting positions on the ground floor, and three others came up to call me in. They took me out of the building by force, and handcuffed me once in their vehicle, “said the journalist.



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