Karim Hawa, Victim In The Cyber Space In Lebanon (2013)

Hawa was called by the ISF’s Cyber Crimes Bureau and was asked to come to them because the phone he owns is, as they claimed, stol en. This story was fake, however. It was used as a ploy to lure Hawwo to the bureau and arrest under accounts of “cyber crime.”The article that was shared by Hawwa was also shared by many other Facebook users, but the jury did not give any additional explanation for why Hawwa was arrested instead of others. Hawwa was released on a bail , after being held for six days for a crime that remains unclear. Hawa was called back to trial, as relevant authorities are still investigating the case. On December 2017, his case was closed with the help and support of many NGOs.

Censorship Information

Date Released 2017
Date Censored 2017
Official Censoring Entity Cyber Crime Bureau
Censoring Reason Politics
Action Taken Detained