Graffitis – Yazan Halwani (2014)

Two of his graffitis were censored:

1) Ali Abdallah: “Ali was a homeless man, and the legend of Bliss Street. I have personally crossed Ali countless times on his street. A few months ago, Ali died on the coldest night of Beirut’s winter because he was living in pitiful conditions. Ali’s death triggered short-lived actions to help the homeless in Beirut (for one or two weeks). Yazan painted this mural a few hundred meters from Ali’s street to immortalize him and to remind us that we should not wait the death of another Ali to help others.”
Ali Abdallah’s face was censored by being covered in white.

2) Mahmoud Darwiche wrote “On this Land, there’s what’s worth living for” when describing his homeland Palestine.
Yazan grew up in Beirut, a few kilometers from, Darwiche’s homeland, but the political and economic instability have made immigration the choice of many.
Mahmoud Darwiche’s face was censored by being covered in white.

Censorship Information

Date Released 2014
Date Censored 2014
Official Censoring Entity Lebanese Authorities
Censoring Reason Politics
Action Taken Censored