Arrest Warrant Issued For Maria Maalouf Over Hezbollah Tweets (2018)

Judge Ghassan Oweidat issued on Thursday 4 of January an arrest warrant in absentia for television host Maria Maalouf after a number of Lebanese lawyers filed lawsuits accusing her of slander and inciting murder against Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah. Last March, Maalouf tweeted that if Israel really wanted to see peace in the region, it ought to arrive at some sort of agreement with Hezbollah. “If Israel really wants peace, then it should prove it and sign on agreements with Hezbollah. Because to this day, we have not gotten rid of (Hezbollah leader) Hassan Nasrallah who is deluding us in his fight against Israel.” In a second tweet, Maalouf questioned Israel’s enmity towards Hezbollah and invited the Jewish to target Nasrallah in an airstrike if it truly sees him as an enemy. “If Israel sees Hassan Nasrallah as its enemy, why doesn’t it carry out an airstrike that would rid us of him, thus gaining credibility and protecting itself?”


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