Princess Nina (2015)

It encourages kids to accept homosexuality.

Princess Nina is an extraordinary princess. She is smart, curious, sweet and also a bit wild. One day the king and queen decide they have to go looking for a suitable prince for princess Nina. They invite princes from all over the world: a prince from China, one from France, from Mexico … But not even the prince on the white horse can steel princess Nina’s heart away! The king and queen are at the end of their wits. But then princess Melowo comes to visit, and suddenly princess Nina is very shy …

A funny and modern fairy-tale about two stubborn princesses who are madly in love. Winner of the Diversity Award, a competition for children’s stories of inclusive works and partners.

Note: The book got banned after some parents raged about having such a book in the hands of their kids. Bookshops also stopped bringing the book to avoid any quarrels with parents.

Censorship Information

Date Released 2015
Date Censored 2015
Official Censoring Entity General Security
Censoring Reason Homosexuality
Action Taken Banned