Michel Douaihy (2015)

Many activists criticised how Al-Assir was “pampered” during his arrest, and not beaten up the way activists are sometimes abused.The General Security office was the official governmental body that arrested Douaihy, they charged him with incitement of sectarianism, libel, and defamation. Although Douaihy was released, he was indicted under Article 386 of the Lebanese penal code that criminalizes libel and defamation against the president, other public officials, and private individuals. Douaihy was sentenced to two months in prison. However, this period was substituted by the nine days he had already spent in jail and a fine of USD $200. Twitter users launched a #FreeMichelDouaihy hashtag to raise awareness about his case. Supporters also used the Article 13 hashtag, in reference to the Article 13 of the Lebanese constitution that guarantees freedom of expression and freedom of the press “within the limits established by law.” Lebanon’s current press law (written in 1962) offers no explicit protections for journalists or bloggers. Along with the online campaign, Douaihy’s friends and family protested in front in his home town Zogherta, in the north in Lebanon.

Censorship Information

Date Released 2015
Date Censored 2015
Official Censoring Entity Cyber Crime Bureau
Censoring Reason Politics
Action Taken Questioned and detained