Journalist Mohammad Nazzal Sentenced To 6 Months For A Facebook Post (2015)

In October, 2015 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), deprecated the default judgment pronounced by the single criminal judge in Beirut, Ghassan Tanuos Al-Khori, on October 5, to imprison Mohammad Nazzal, a journalist, for 6 months and fine him one million Liras (&664 approx.), on an accusation of insulting the judiciary owing to a Facebook post that he was written two years ago. Two years ago, the public prosecution filed a lawsuit against the journalist “Mohammad Nazzal” on a charge of “insulting the judiciary”, against the backdrop of a post on Facebook ( ), which found fault with the performance of some Lebanese judges after forcing him out a hearing while considering a lawsuit to expel fishermen existing in the area, which was lodged by the companies owning Al-Dalia land (a piece of land separates between Raouché area and Ramlet al-Baida in Beirut). In his statements to Maharat Foundation, Nazal has wondered about the reasons for his trial in absentia and why he was not informed with the hearings date. Nazzal added that there is an intent to jail him from the very beginning; proving this by mentioning that the lawsuit was referred to the criminal court, which can imprison him, rather that the court of publications that prohibits the incarceration over defamation cases. “The default judgment of imprisoning the journalist “Mohammad Nazzal” over an opinion case is unfair, and also a continuation of a series of unjust verdicts that the Lebanese authorities have been recently delivered against civil rights movement as well as online activists on account of expressing their views; aiming at terrorizing them and silencing their mouths. Consequently, this matter is threatening the future of freedom of opinion and expression in Lebanon,” ANHRI said.

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Date Released 2015
Date Censored 2015
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