Lebanese Journalist Rami Aysha Sentenced To Six Months In Jail In Absentia (2012)

Rami was arrested on 30 August 2012 while investigating a story on weapons deportation in Beirut. He was released a month later pending trial. When the trial was finally scheduled for 25 November 2013 he was working abroad and requested, through his lawyer, that it was postponed until 8 December. But the judge in charge of the case rejected the request, went ahead with the hearing and convicted him absentia. According to media reports, Aysha was abducted on 30 August 2013 while investigating weapons trafficking in Beirut’s southern suburbs. He was kidnapped and handed over to Lebanese military police where his mistreatment continued. He was subsequently charged with involvement in importing weapons, the story he was investigating at the time of his kidnapping. The MEAA has sent a letter to the Lebanese Ambassador to Australia expressing its concerns for Aysha’s welfare, and calling for the Ambassador to take the actions required to protect his safety. Source: IFEX

Censorship Information

Date Released 2013
Date Censored 2013
Censoring Reason Politics
Action Taken Arrested