Racha Al Amine’s Case (2013)

Rasha el-Amine, who works for online publication Now Lebanon, is the second journalist to be interrogated in connection to an article from the website Tayyar.
The article brought up charges Geagea had previously been accused of in court in the 1990s, including attempted assassination and arms trafficking. The article was republished in April 2013 by the website al-Muhasaba, which is the official blog for the National Campaign to prosecute Lebanon’s War Criminals. El-Amine was called in upon being suspected of being connected to al-Muhasaba due to her participation on the website Memory at Work, which was hyperlinked to the blog.
She told Al-Akhbar that the ISF wanted to know if she was an administrator for the Memory at Work website, and that she was treated her as if she wrote the article.
She condemned the interrogation, but claimed during the interview that the interrogators were nevertheless polite.

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Date Released 2013
Date Censored 2013
Official Censoring Entity Cyber Crime Bureau
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