Imad Bazzi Summoned by General Security (2013)

He has received many threats.
General Security summons Lebanese blogger Imad Bazzi and refuses to return his passport.
General Security released a statement saying that “The fact that this has happened to Bazzi for the third time, implies that [General Security] intends to intimidate him for political motivations related to his stances and activism.”
This is not the first time General Security withholds activists’ passports, Avaaz’s Wissam Tarif went through a similar experience last summer. It is without a doubt that human rights activists have been undergoing administrative delays. This might have been the authorities way of telling them “We know who you are and what you do.”

source: Now Lebanon

Censorship Information

Date Released 2013
Date Censored 2013
Official Censoring Entity General Security
Censoring Reason Politics
Action Taken Suspended