Comedy Night (2009)

Indecent humor and gestures:

Edmond Haddad is known for his role on al-Jadeed television’s Chi.N.N. comedy show. He was detained with Rawiya al-Shab, who is a theatre and film actress, for a stand-up show they presented in 2009 at a pub in Gemmayzeh. A local media outlet was covering the event and reported that their act had violated public morals when the comedians acted out a public auction in which men were auctioned off as a joke. During the sketch, Haddad also reportedly showed some of his underwear, much to the disappointment of the unnamed media outlet.
The Beirut judge in charge of the case has held Haddad and al-Shab on charges of breaching public morals based solely on the newspaper article that initially made the complaint, said al-Akhbar.
The judge did not even consider viewing a DVD recording of the comedy show.
Nizar Sarkis, Haddad and al-Shab’s lawyer, condemned the charges, likening them to oppression. He told al-Akhbar that various ads and television comedy shows have committed greater offenses than the one that was allegedly made by the two comics. He attributed the case to the spread of religious extremism in Lebanon and the region.
A hearing in their case was scheduled for 25 April 2012, but the proceedings were then adjourned to 30 May 2012. If convicted Haddad and al-Shab face a month in prison and a fine of LL 200,000.

Censorship Information

Date Released 2009
Date Censored 2009
Official Censoring Entity General Security
Censoring Reason Immoral
Action Taken Arrested