MTV – Joe Maalouf

A few days after the news of Enta Horr’s cancellation surfaced, Maalouf decided to speak on the matter. And it turned out to be caused by the obvious: MTV’s Gabriel el Murr was displeased with Joe Maalouf’s stance in Enta Horr’s last episode which happened to be against the mayor Dekwane mainly. As a result, he sent out a demeaning letter to Maalouf in which he forbade him from working at the TV station. He then sent security personnel to fire the crew of Enta Horr and forbid them from entering the TV station’s premises again. All of this because Joe Maalouf stood against Dekawne’s mayor Mr. Shakhtoura and his practices.

Censorship Information

Date Released 2013
Date Censored 2013
Official Censoring Entity TV Station Owner
Censoring Reason Homosexuality
Action Taken Fired