The Silver Chalice
The Silver Chalice
Author name:  Warner Brothers
Version: Lebanon
Action:  Banned
Censoring Entity:  General Security
Censoring Reason:  Israel
Censoring Status:  Ongoing
Content: The movie is starring Paul Newmann, who is banned in Lebanon because he supports Israel and is pro-Zionist. 

The Silver Chalice is a 1954 historical epic film from Warner Bros., based on Thomas B. Costain's 1952 novel of the same name. A Greek artisan is commissioned to cast the cup of Christ in silver and sculpt around its rim the faces of the disciples and Jesus himself. He travels to Jerusalem and eventually to Rome to complete the task. Meanwhile, a nefarious interloper is trying to convince the crowds that he is the new Messiah by using nothing more than cheap parlor tricks. It marked the film début of Paul Newman as an artist named Basil (né Ambrose), who was given the task of making a silver chalice to house the Holy Grail.

source: Virgin Megastore Lebanon