The Hurricane (Al Isar)
The Hurricane (Al Isar)
Author name:  Samir Habchi
Version: Lebanon
Action:  Censored
Censoring Entity:  General Security
Censoring Reason:  Religious
Content: It was the first feature film  to be produced after the end of the Lebanese civil war, and was granted a screening permit that was conditional upon deleting 10 mins of the film that included scenes considered offensive to Christian religious symbols and holy sites.   

Beirut, civil war. There are checkpoints, arbitrary executions, car bombs, machine guns, handguns, funeral processions, ambushes, hot heads, vendettas, and revenge. Cruelty and death are everywhere. Akram, who's been studying in Russia, is back in Beirut on holiday and plans to visit his mother in his home village. But can he get there? He spends time with friends in the city; they tell stories of death. Danger is on all sides. Driving down the street may lead to murder. Touches of the surreal appear: are they real, are they dreams? Can Akram survive? If so, at what cost?