Author name:  Ibrahim Al Saeedi
Version: Lebanon
Action:  Banned
Censoring Entity:  The Iranian authorities
Censoring Reason:  Politics
Content: Three film directors were banned from travelling to Lebanon by the Iranian authorities. Iranian Nader Davoodi, Iranian Kurd Babak Amin and Iraqi Kurd Ibrahim Saeedi were not allowed to come to Lebanon to attend the screening of their films, “Red, White and Green,” “I Wish Someone Was There Waiting for Me,” and “Mandoo” at the Beirut Film Festival.

In 1979, the political upheavals following the Iranian Islamic revolution drove many Iranian Kurds to take refuge in Iraq, where they were placed in camps under appalling living conditions. In 2004, Sheelan - a young doctor of Kurdish origin who had managed to flee to Sweden with her parents - takes advantage of the fall of Saddam Hussein to return to Iraq; she hopes to find her uncle who she hasn't heard from in over twenty years. Having suffered a stroke, he has lost his ability to speak. His loving son wishes to take him back to his native land, so that he can live out the rest of his days in peace. Unable to convince her uncle and cousin to leave with her for Sweden, Sheelan accompanies them on a long and stormy journey to Iran