Life of Jesus: the Revolutionary (vol. 1 & 2)
Life of Jesus: the Revolutionary (vol. 1 & 2)
Author name:  Robert Marcarelli
Version: Lebanon
Action:  Banned
Censoring Entity:  General Security
Censoring Reason:  Religious
Content: Offensive to Christianity

This detailed analysis of Biblical writings about the life of Jesus considers his life and work within the context of the historically documented circumstances of his time. The analysis covers social, political, economic, and spiritual considerations. These considerations are all grounded in the central thematic contention that Jesus was a radical liberal activist, seeking moral justice for all and increased openness to faith by all. A secondary component of this analysis is the contention that the Bible is not and was never intended as a literal recounting of actual events, but is instead to be read and interpreted as a metaphoric commentary on ways that human beings could enter into a closer relationship with God.

This DVD's import was unauthorized by General Security at one point in time (source: DVD shops). Censorship is THAT arbitrary that most of the time these banned DVDs were authorized in movie theaters or on TV. Please refer to the 'information' section of the website.